Stormwater work on the Esplanade has begun!

Town Administrator
December 15, 2011

The Town broke ground this morning on its Esplanade stormwater project.  The scope of the project includes the redirection of Esplanade Outfall 1 to Esplanade Outfall 2 and extension to deeper water with a multiport diffuser.  The goal of the project is to better manage stormwater flows, and eliminate the Town’s contribution to beach closures in Easton’s Bay.  Weather permitting, we anticipate completeing the project before the upcoming beach season.  The Town is very excited about reaching this milestone.

Follow this project’s progress on the Town’s website at Home->Departments & Services->Public Works Deprtment->Esplanade Drainage Projects, or click here: Esplanade Drainage Improvements

Shawn J. Brown, Town Administrator